Stephen Foote – Lighting Cameraman, DoP          updated April 2016



Documentary Credits
Titles in blue are links to the programme

Terror On The Beach – Why Did It Happen?
(1 x 30 mins BBC Panorama, Tx 1/2017)
Looking at the things that went wrong in the lead up to to The Tunisian Sousse massacre

Brexit – A Very British Coup
(1 x 60 mins, Tx 9/2016) (password to view brexit4951)
Inside view of the Brexit referendum. Dir Patrick Forbes. Oxford Film and TV for BBC

The VIP Paedophile Ring – Whats the Truth? (1×60 Minute BBC Panorama, TX October 2015)
Investigation into allegations of child abuse by VIP’s in Britain

Terror on the Beach (1×60 minutes BBC Panorama, TX July 2015)
The inside story of the shootings on the beach at Sousse, Tunisia

War of the Tunnels
(1 x 30 mins BBC Panorama, Tx 9/2014)
Inside Gaza and Israel during the August 2014 conflict

Hacking: Power, Corruption and Lies
(1 x 60 mins BBC Panorama, TX 6/2014)
The story behind the Rebekkah Brookes/Andy Coulson hacking trial

The Revolution That Shook The World
(1 x 60 mins BBC Panorama, TX 3/2014)
From the massacre in Kiev to the stand-off between Rusain and Ukrainian troops in Crimea

Britain Underwater
(1 x 30 mins BBC Panorama, TX 2/2014)
A film about the floods of Febryuary 2014

The Honeymoon Murder: Who Killed Anni?
(1 x 60 mins, BBC TX 09 2013)
The second of two films I have made about the murder, in a Cape Town taxi, of Anni Dewani

The Russians Are Coming
(1 x 30 mins, BBC TX 5/2013)

Whats really in Our Food?
(1 x 30 mins Panorama, BBC TX 02/2013)

Kony: Hunt For The Worlds Most Wanted
(1 x 60 mins BBC TX 08/2012)
The story behind the Kony 2012 viral video. Shot in Uganda, CAR, DRC, South Sudan

The Honeymoon Murder
(1 x 60 mins BBC TX 03/2012)

BNP: The Fraud Exposed
(1 x 30 mins, BBC Panorama, TX 10/2011)

Drinking Our Rivers Dry
(1 x 30 mins, BBC Panorama, TX 09/2011)

Why Hate Junk Mail
(1 x 30 mins, BBC Panorama, TX 06/2011)

Fifa’s Dirty Secrets
(1 x 30 mins BBC TX 11/2014)

The Cumbrian Shootings
(1 x 30 mins, Panorama, TX 06/2010)

The Natural World: Miracle in the Marshes of Iraq
(in the USA – Nature: Braving Iraq Tx 11/7/10 PBS)
(1 x 60mins Aqua Vita Films for BBC/WNET co pro,) Varicam HD; Tx 01/2011
Multiple Award winning film – New York Film Festival etc.

More Than Just a Game (dir Andy Bell)
(1 x30 mins BBC1) Tx March 2010

This World – Stalins Back (dir Roger Corke)
(1 x 60 mins BBC2) Tx December 2009

Britains Dirty Beaches (Dir Andy Bell)
(1×30 mins BBC1) TX August 2009

Slumdogs and Millionaires (Dir Andy Bell)
(1×30 mins BBC1) TX March 2009

Should We Be Afraid of the Russians? (dir Roger Corke)
(1x30minutes BBC1) TX October 2008

What Really Sank the Mary Rose? (dir Howard Foster)
(1x60minutes Red Lobster for the History Channel) TX November 2008

Dispatches – A Widows War on Yobs (dir Karen Edwards)
(1×60 mins Wall to Wall for channel 4) TX July 2008

The Thames Project (dir Brendan Hughes)
Underwater Sequences
(2 x 60 minutes Touch Productions for BBC2)

Dangerous Toys – Dispatches (dir Karen Edwards)
(1×60 minutes Quicksilver Media for Channel 4)

Europe or Die Trying (First 2 of 4 programmes) (dir Howard Bradburn)
(2 x 40 minutes BBC1)
2010 RTS award to Paul Kenyon, Specialist Journalism

Dogfighting Undercover (dir AndrewBell/Roger Corke)
(1x60minutes BBC1) TX October 2007
Bafta nomination for best current affairs documentary 2008

Panorama – The High price of Gas (dir Angeli Mehta)
(1×40 minutes, BBC1)

The Beautiful Bung – Corruption in World Football (dir Roger Corke)
(1 x 40 minutes BBC1)

Saudi Strategic Storage Programme (dir Barney Broom)
(1 x 20 minute corporate – HDCAM)

La Legion Etrangere (dir Elisabeth Nord)
(1 x 10 minute pilot for 3 1 hour docs – Digi beta)

The State of the Apes (dir Ted Oakes)
(1×30 min BBC Natural History Unit for BBC2 TX December 2005)

Time Team – Big Roman Dig (dir Claire Slessor)
(6 x 2 minute VT inserts, TX July 2005)

Pets are People (dir Phillipa Robinson)
(2×30 min Blast Films for BBC Tx autumn 2005)

Whistleblowers – Railways (dir Roger Corke)
(1 x 60 min BBC1 Tx 11/2004)

Who Killed Kirsty McColl?   (dir Olivia Lichtenstein)
(1x60min Working Women Films for BBC4/BBC2 Tx 2004)

Trouble at the Top – Celebrity Hair (Dir Kate Middleton)
(BBC 1x40min Digi )

‘Fighting the War’ (dir Neil Grant/ Paul Dwyer)
(BBC documentary series TX June/July 2003)
(RTS nomination Factual Photography)

The Trouble with Sleep (dir Emma Hindley)
(BBC 1x 60min TX July 2003)

Seroxat – Emails from the Edge
(1×40 min BBC Panorama dir Andy Bell Tx May 2003)
(RTS programme Nomination 2004)

Corporate for Saudi Aramco Oil
(1×9 min Creative Media)

Anatomy of September 11 (prod. Eammon O’Connor)
(1x120min Granada/New York Times Tv for A&E USA Tx 9/11/02)

Bin Ladens Biological Threat (dir. Mike Smith)
(1×40 min BBC)

Working Girls
(6x30min LWT dir. Michelle Carlisle, Tx 2003)

(1×60 min BBC dir. Andy Bell TX April 2002)

The Science of Sport – Golf
(1x50min United for National Geographic dir. Penny Beeston)

The Science of Sport – Tennis
(1x50min United for National Geographic dir. Georgina Harvey)

Terror in America – The British Victims and Survivors
(1×50 min BBC dir. Steve Condie)

The Secrets of the Black Diaries
(1×60 min Blakeway for BBC dir. Paul Tilzley Tx March 2002)

Jules Sylvesters’ Ten Most Dangerous Animals in Africa

(1×60 min Partridge Films for Discovery dir. Penny Beeston)

Jules Sylvesters Five Wildest Animals in the Wild West
(1×60 min Partridge for Discovery dir. Penny Beeston )

The Soho Nail Bomber
(Digi Beta BBC 1 x 50 min dir Andy Bell)

Panorama – Die by Wire
(Digi Beta 4:3, 1 x40 min TX July 1999 dir Andy Bell)

The Big Squeeze
(60 min Partridge Films for Discovery Channel Dir Sally Weald)

The Great Croc Trail
(60 min Partridge Films for Discovery Channel dir Mark Strickson)

The Biggest Lizards in the World
(60 min Partridge Films for Discovery Channel Digi Beta dir. Mark Strickson)

MacIntyre Undercover
(BBC, TX 2000 dir Colin Barr)

Englands Shame
(1×50 mins BBC TX 8/2000 dir Tom Giles)
(Winner of Broadcast Magazine News Programme of the Year Award)

The Man Who Played God
(1×50 minutes BBC TX Aril 2000)
(nominated for Broadcast News programme of the Year Award)

Submarine Escape Training
(SSVC for the Royal Navy dir. Roland Brinton)
(IVCA Silver award)

(1 x 50min Darlow Smithson for Channel 4 dir. Jonathan Jones TX summer 1999).

West Midland Police Drug Squad
(BBC TX October 1998 dir. Andy Bell)

Underwater Unit, Drama

Howard’s Way , The Firm, Drowning in the Shallow End, South of the Border, Between the Lines, The Eye of the Storm , Walls of Silence, Ghost Stories – Blood and water, Roughnecks, Pride and Prejudice, Persuasion, Mrs Hartley and the Growth Centre, Wycliffe Series 3, Have Your Cake, McCallum, Roger Roger 2, Casualty, ‘Whirlpool’

Underwater docs

The Natural World – ‘Amazon the Flooded Forest’ BBC. Bookmark -‘Iris Murdoch’ ,’Martin Amis’ BBC,’Under Sail’ BBC. 40 Minutes – ‘The Rat Catchers’ BBC. QED – ‘Misha’ BBC,’Chronicle -The Wreck of the Amsterdam’; ‘Operation Asterix’ BBC, ‘The Crystal Aquarium’ (Maya Vision). ‘This Morning’ Granada TV, ‘You Bet’ LWT. ‘The SS Mindi’ SABC, ‘Return To Jutland’ Grampian TV. ‘Tomorrow’s World’ BBC, ‘Time Team’ Channel 4, World in Action Granada, Countryfile BBC, ‘Submarine Escape Training’ SSVC – Royal Navy

Other documentary credits from the past include

Inside Story, Scare Stories, The Natural World, 40 Minutes, 999 , QED, Your Life In Their Hands, Horizon, Nature, Tomorrow’s World, The Mission, Garages from Hell, Network First, World in Action, The Big Story, The Cook Report, Blaze, Dispatches, Time Team, Blue Peter,etc etc.


Shadow Run, starring Michael Caine. 2nd Unit DoP, B camera operator


‘Ladbrokes – Pantomime Horse’ (dir Ric Hakes)several 5 and 15 sec idents,

‘Nintendo’ (dir Ric Hakes) several 5 and 15 sec idents,

‘Elephant”- Coca Cola – Underwater DoP (Spots productions for Fallon McElligot for Coca Cola USA) Dir: Tarsem

‘Hard Shoulder’ -Department of Transport – 2nd Unit Lighting Camera (Young Guns for COI for DoT) Dir: Paul Street

‘Thomas Cook Summer ’93 Give-away’ – Lighting Camera (FBS Origin for Lowe Howard Spink for Thomas Cook)

Clients include

Darlow Smithson, Mentorn Barraclough Carey, Central TV, BBC TV, Granada TV, Grampian TV, LWT, Carlton TV, Spots, Bazal, Twenty Twenty, First Choice, Carlyle, Diverse, Illuminations, Brian Lapping Associates, Grundy Television, Stephen’s Kerr, Mann Made Films, Touch, National Geographic, Partridge Films, World Wide Pictures, Walt Disney Corp., Central Office of Information, Maya Vision, Domaine Films, Workhouse, Myriad, SSVC, Just Television, TV6, Fulcrum, Tiger Aspect, Shearman, HSE, Endemol

Corporate productions for:

The Financial Times, The Portman Group, Currys, Canon, BMW, Jaguar, Ford, Rover, Lotus, Unipart, The Royal Scotsman, Royal Air Force, Royal Navy, British Army, SKF Bearings, Conoco, BP, Mercury Telephone, Department of Transport, Vickers, VSEL, All the High Street Banks, Thomas Cook, Ideal Standard, Sony Broadcast, Royal insurance, IBM, Digital, Price Waterhouse and many others.

Hostile Environments Experience

HEFAT trained, Active conflict zones include Iraq, Israel/Gaza, Ukraine, Sierra Leone, Central African Republic, DRC. I have done a lot of filming in remote parts of the world – Amazonian and Indonesian rainforest (total of seven weeks in the jungle), African bush, deep water offshore diving 80 miles from land. Euro 2000 riots in Brussels and IMF riots in Prague for the Beeb; 400′ under the Med in a submersible, very close to wild animals in Africa, Police drug raids etc.

General Background

1986-           Freelance Lighting Cameraman
1983-1986   Freelance Camera Assistant with cameraman Tim Johnson.
1981-1983   Staff Photographer Mary Rose Trust
Chief Diver Mary Rose Diving Team
1979-1982   Volunteer Diver, Mary Rose Project
1979-1981   Plymouth College of Art and Design


1981      Institute of Incorporated Photographers Diploma in Vocational Photography.
1982      Health and Safety Executive Part 4 Commercial Air Diver
1996      Part 3 Commercial Air Diver. (Surface air supply)
2009      HEFAT (AKE) Hostile Environments 5 Day Course
2013      HEFAT refresher


Countries marked in green: